Young Quakers

We currently hold meetings for children and young people at 10:30 on the second Sunday of the month.

All children and young people are welcome to join these meetings. If you wish to attend with children at any other time please contact us first to discuss. 

We also have All Age Worship (blended) on any 5th Sunday of a month at 10.30am

"What we say can make ripples that change the world."

At a recent meeting of Winchester Young Quakers, two of them were freshly back from Senior Conference at Sibford School in Oxfordshire. For a week in August they had enjoyed a week of fun, friendship and spiritual growth in the company of  55 young Quakers aged 15-18 exploring the theme of “Simplicity and Sustainability in an Unequal World”.

Themes of racism, identity and self empowerment were discussed, alongside questions of justice, climate change and privilege. They explored how small changes inspired by the Light can completely transform one's perspective and felt encouraged to speak out against injustice in an unequal world. 

In the evenings, they had enjoyed a disco, a night walk, a quiz, Hunt the Committee and the Base Group Challenge and plenty more. 

They spoke of leaving the week feeling tired, but happy and fulfilled, with new and rekindled connections to each other, and a greater sense of our power to change the world.

For younger Quakers aged 11 to 14, Junior Gathering is a week long event packed with activities and a chance to meet new people and have fun. There is a variety of fun, creative and active workshops, including music, art and craft and sports as well as swimming. There is also an afternoon out and a day trip; lively evening entertainments and discos.

We know that many young people will require help to be able to attend Senior Conference or Junior Gathering. Our local Quaker Meetings or Area Meeting may have funds available. It is FSSE policy that no one should be prevented from attending for financial reasons, and they do have a bursary fund if needed.

We fully appreciate the importance of good safeguarding practice, including regular DBS checks on our volunteers. To find out more, or if you have any concerns, please follow this link.