Quaker Meeting

When do we meet?

  • Every Wednesday from 12:30 until 1pm.

  • Twice on a Sunday morning, from 9am until 10am and from 10:30am until 11.30am.

  • Except the first Sunday of the month, when we meet from 10am until 11am followed by our business meeting.

  • All except the 9am Sunday meetings are also available online, contact us for the link.

Where do we meet?

  • Friends Meeting House, 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LH.

  • Find us on Google Maps.

There's an unwritten tradition for the earlier Sunday meeting to be the quieter of the two, sometimes a full hour of gathered silence. Whereas the stillness of the second meeting is more likely to be interspersed with spoken ministry. Sometimes someone may stand up and speak briefly, if they feel strongly moved. Often there is a sort of theme to the meeting, especially if the silence is very deep and gathered.

We have no hymn book or liturgy, no choir, no stained glass windows, stone font or prescribed creed. What we do have is the calm quiet practice of settling into gathered stillness together, tuning in, waiting for and listening to the divine presence in ourselves and in each other. 

There are no priests or ministers, and no-one has a special place to sit. Just enter the meeting room and find a chair you like the look of. The meeting will gradually settle into a very still silence, as everyone sits quietly and relaxes. Some people may read quietly, some may sit with their eyes closed, others may just sit. Most people are trying to 'centre down', waiting quietly and humbly for 'the promptings of love and truth in their hearts' which are the 'leadings of God'.

"A safe space where we can let go."

Perhaps the greatest gift we have as Quakers is our practice of holding this quiet space for listening to the Spirit, finding new inspiration, and learning to act on its guidance. It is a safe space where we can let go… and let God take charge. We typically come away nurtured, comforted or inspired, with dilemmas and concerns mysteriously moved on at some level. 

Towards the end of the meeting the children (if present) will join the meeting. The meeting will end with two people shaking hands. This will be followed by a short period for 'afterthoughts' from anyone on the exercise of the meeting, followed by some notices, and then tea, coffee and biscuits.

You're very welcome to stay afterwards for lively conversation over coffee and biscuits, to meander through the books and pamphlets in our reading room, or to enjoy the restful space of our garden.

"A sense of home-coming to a place of rest, nourishment and belonging."

The easiest way to discover Quakers is to simply come along to one of our meetings, and see for yourself. You might just find that rare sense of being exactly where you need to be, a sense of home-coming to a place of rest, nourishment and belonging. 

Winchester Meeting is accessible to wheelchair-users, including a toilet. 
There is a hearing loop, but we do not have a disabled car-parking space.