Active Arts

This short video tells the story of Andrew Rutter's fifty year campaign of hand-made posters, speaking out against social injustice, climate change and the arms trade, and sharing his Quaker values with passers-by. 


This Quaker community arts project celebrates some of the wonderful things threatened by growing environmental breakdown: people, places, creatures, and other things we love.  It is helping people to engage creatively and constructively with these issues, without being overwhelmed. It’s also a way to share positive examples of change and why people have taken action for the sake of love. 

The project was listed among “the best cultural events in Scotland for COP26”, and exhibitions have given people “great joy and hope” as well as being “thought-provoking” and “a warning”.

Winchester Quakers submitted a number of panels to the project, including this piece by Jake Buchanan entitled "Overfishing leads to fishing over." Fifty artworks from the Loving Earth Project will be on display in the meeting house next autumn, in time for the Heritage Open Days.


"A picture speaks a thousand words."

Winchester Friends enjoy working together on communal creative arts projects, expressing their Quaker values and concerns.

This piece was created during those isolated times of lockdown during the recent covid pandemic.

Individual friends were able to each create their own fabric panel, which came together in this expressive wall hanging, at a time when we couldn't all safely come together in person.